An introduction to marketing strategy development

Commercial Director

Developing and maintaining revenue growth requires a blend of management discipline and commercial expertise. I work with businesses who are missing this vital attribute.

Through my work as a portfolio Commercial Director, and through my business Revenue Works, I help expanding and scaling businesses to generate profitable and sustainable growth.

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How to implement a digital marketing strategy

The Management Bridge

Management teams require new skills to compete in a rapidly developing business environment. Many are uncertain whether to adopt new digital practices, or stick with what they already know.

My approach is to take the best from both and integrate them within a single commercial strategy. In practical terms:

  • to pursue corporate goals based on the desired result rather than the methods used
  • to determine the absolute needs of customers and simplify how and what we serve them
  • to organise internal teams and resources to reduce effort and increase performance

As a Portfolio Executive, I will bring the expertise you need while your business transitions to the next level of opportunity.

A wide range of marketing depployments and skills

Flexible and adaptable

I can operate on-site or remotely, either as a project lead or in collaboration with your executive team. Typically:

  • Strategic review - rewrite or energise a commercial strategy
  • Resource & structure - recruit or reassign a commercial team
  • Strategic project - lead a strategic commercial initiative

I also have a wide range of deployment capabilities including:

  • Communication - electronic, published and broadcast
  • Performance - lead generation, lead conversions, brand marketing, database marketing and customer retention
  • Distribution - advertising, field sales, telemarketing, business development, PR, affiliates and events

For more information, see my GUIDE TO WORKING PRACTICES.

Examples of developing and implementing marketing strategy

Case studies

Business strategy - consolidated sales and marketing resources under a unified strategy, delivering 300% increase in combined sales opportunities and 100% growth in customer base.

Digital marketing - managing a £15 million budget and increasing digital lead volumes by 150% while maintaining 100% target lead flow over 2 years of business expansion.

Brand development - applying brand consistency protocols across multiple marketing campaigns and achieving a growth of 14% unprompted brand recall among the target audience.

Sales performance - improved lead recycling, applying defined customer segmentation modelling and reviewing budget spend resulting in a 30% reduction in acquisition costs.

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What others have to say about my strategic input


I like satisfied customers - whether it is my boss or my client, I always aim to develop a strong working relationship.

“Life was never dull when Alastair was around but his dedication to the job, his professional manner and a sky high likeability factor meant that he was easy to manage. Never afraid to challenge the status quo and take risks, he took the business into new territory.”

Peter Hamilton, Grant Hamilton Ltd

“Alastair is passionate about on-line marketing and he is an expert in the field. He has worked diligently with us over the last couple of years to help us introduce and then bring to life an on-line marketing strategy that has generated very tangible results in terms of lead generation.”

Tony Small, Inova Management Consultancy

Over 20 years experience responding to marketing change


Marketing Director, Agria Pet Insurance
Part of the Swedish financial services giant, Lansförsäkringer, Agria is one of the world’s leading animal insurance specialists.

Commercial Director, Click Group
A substantial financial services provider and a pioneer in optimised digital marketing strategies.

Head of Marketing, GE Capital
Subsidiary of a true global giant, providing consumer and corporate solutions to individuals and business.

Head of Marketing, Domestic & General plc
A consumer financial services brand serving households throughout the country.

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